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Patient. Physician. Practice.

At Artemis Healthcare, we are focused on the provision of integrated orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care in Singapore.

To improve quality of life through greater mobility and pain relief, our healthcare platform aims to provide full integrated, patient-centric care ranging across injury prevention, diagnosis, clinical surgery and post-surgery physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.

Examining X-ray

We aim to unite leading practices so they can grow, specialize and operate at their highest clinical level.


We seek to create a holistic one-stop ecosystem combining all aspects of musculoskeletal treatment for our patients. 




We provide long-term sustainable growth and value creation through:

Increasing the breadth of ancillary services

Expanding into new locations & communities

Forming partnerships

Transitioning towards value-based care


SOS logo.png

SOS is a leading orthopaedic practice in Singapore that offers a comprehensive spectrum of integrated orthopaedic care to local and international communities.

DX imaging logo

DX Imaging is a leading outpatient diagnostics imaging service provider in Singapore offering a comprehensive range of imaging tools & techniques.


As a healthcare platform, it is important for Artemis to ensure that our ecosystem is sustainable in order to continue providing patient-centric musculoskeletal care in Singapore. 

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From outlining KPI targets and developing growth strategies to measurement and monitoring, we are proud to take an active role, sharing methodologies and guidelines with portfolio companies.


Partnering up with The Sylvan Group is a huge step for Artemis towards a sustainable ecosystem of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care. We are proud to be a part of their ESG efforts and to scale-up our impact-driven healthcare practices.

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