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We provide integrated, patient-centric musculoskeletal care in every community we serve, improving quality of life through greater mobility and pain relief.

Our ecosystem includes a chain of medical diagnostic imaging centres (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Mammogram, X-Ray & BMD), orthopaedic specialist clinics & physiotherapy clinics.

Injury Prevention
Injured Hand Consultation

Clinical Diagnosis

Clinical Diagnosis is the critical first step in accurately diagnosing the conditions of the patient to prevent any wrong course of treatment. Hence, an experienced specialist is very important.

Here, we have 10 specialists who have over 30 years of experience and a veteran in their field.

Diagnostic Imaging

Clinical Imaging

Diagnostic imaging is essential to ensure our patients are provided with accurate and proper diagnosis.

With 6 diagnostic imaging centers in Singapore, we are able to cohesively work together and enable patients to gain greater accessibility to musculoskeletal care. 


Our holistic care system will also allow early intervention for patients to receive timely treatment. 

Treatmet & Surgery
Doctors Analyzing MRI

Treatment & Surgery

Our orthopaedic specialist surgeons, neurosurgeon and sport medicine physician has over 30 years of experience specialising in both surgical and non-surgical treatment - covering a full spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions

Rehab & Physio

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy plays an important part in helping patients to achieve better quality of life through greater mobility and pain relief.

Our aim is to tailor an effective treatment for our patient, with the intentions to help patients regain back their active life and improve their physical health.

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